The value of Play

Digital Play vs Traditional Play  

Leanne Wilton, Founder of Pop-up Pop-in, a Leeds based service providing facepainting, hairbraiding, biodegradable glitter tattoos, arts and crafts shares her thoughts on the value of play.

We all know what the words ‘value’ and ‘play’ mean but when you think of them in relation to time you might find they are detrimental to you and your families mental health!

Let’s face it, technology has evolved over the years. It’s created so many innovations that many cannot live without today or can we? Mobile apps, social media, online gaming and streaming it’s all there on demand 24/7 offering unlimited use when we want it. But when does ‘Digital Play’ stop being a valuable resource/learning tool and become a hindrance to our daily lives? When did we get addicted to capturing images and footage to share with strangers for likes, scrolling before bed instead of living in the moment and taking part in activities away from distractions?

‘Digital Play’ has it’s positives but we must consider the way we are using it and if we are prioritising this over spending our time taking part in what some call ‘Traditional Play’ what we used to do when they were no phones nor internet! The days when we met with friends at the park, had a kick around on the field and made dens in the woods. We explored, created memories, developed skills and played outdoors!

When was the last time you switched off from technology and played a board game, coloured in a picture, built Lego, make music and danced around the house, have a dinner cooked for you in the play kitchen? When did you last get back to basics and enjoyed simpler times?

Something that many of us take for granted and want back!! There’s a balance but that’s fine it’s time to switch off!

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