How to Make Sunflowers from Skeleton Leaves

January often seems a bit gloomy – we still have short days and the lights of Christmas have all been taken down. This really easy art project will give you a lovely bright sunflower display to bridge that gap between Christmas and Easter.

Here is what you need for this make one sunflower

  • 8 yellow 10cm skeleton rubber tree leaves
  • 6 yellow 6cm skeleton rubber tree leaves
  • 6 orange 4cm skeleton rubber tree leaves
  • 3 thin discs of card of different sizes – I used a plastic milk bottle top for the largest, a 10p for the medium one and a 5p for the smallest one
  • 1 coloured disc of thin card – I used cardboard from chocolate bars – on experimenting a 10p size disc looked better
  • A strip of cardboard from a large cardboard box for the stalk – you can paint it green if you like.
  • Craft Glue

Method to make sunflowers from skeleton leaves

  1. Take the largest disc and glue the largest leaves to it to resemble petals
  2. Glue the medium sized disc to the centre-point of the 10cm leaves and glue the 6cm leaves to this disc, arranging them as petals.
  3. Glue the smallest gift to the centre-point of the 6cm leaves and stick the orange leaves to it.
  4. Glue the coloured disc to the centre and set the flower aside to dry.
  5. Once the flower has dried, turn it over and glue the cardboard “stalk” to the back of the flower.

You can buy the skeleton leaves from the website Skeleton rubber tree leaves are available in packs of 25 and you will be able to make 3 sunflowers using packs of 25. If you want to make more sunflowers, or experiment with your own flower art, packs of 100 leaves are available and there is a discount of 10% for orders over £15 if you use code LOVELYLEAVES1