Disconnect to Reconnect Week

18th March – 22nd March

Helen Lord - Healthy Schools and PSHE Consultant Leeds City Council

In partnership with No Phones at Home and BBC Look North, Leeds City Council’s Health & Wellbeing Service are inviting all schools across Leeds to take part in a devices’ free week, entitled, ‘Disconnect to Re-connect’ week to run from the 18th of March to the 22nd of March, finishing at the end of your school day on the Friday.

During the week, children will be encouraged to, instead of using their devices, involve themselves in alterative activities at home which we hope will support them to connect more with their friends and families and notice how this impacts their mental health and wellbeing.

Some activity ideas for what children could do instead can be found on the activities tab here on the No Phones at Home website and can be shared with children and families. Or, alternatively, children could think of their own creative ideas and share these with the class.

During the week, staff can discuss with children each day, what they have done instead of being on a device and how that has made them feel.

We’ll be attending schools taking part to see how they are getting on and the feedback from students and the teachers.

This campaign stems from a training session, No Phones at Home founder, Dr Charlotte Armitage hosted for Leeds Primary School teachers and PSHE and wellbeing leads in January 2024. The workshop was an opportunity for the teachers to learn more about why and how smart devices impacting child development.
It was a brilliant session with lots of experiences shared and the idea of the Disconnect to Reconnect week was put into practice.

If you are taking part, please let us know by emailing schoolwellbeing@leeds.gov.uk