We are delighted to have the support of our community ambassadors who support our aim of raising awareness on the impact of device use on the psychological development of children.
Cassie Cooper
Community Ambassador
Instagram: @manicmumdaysca

Cassie is a self-confessed manic mum of 3 (10,13 and 16) a blogger and influencer. Cassie is in support of the campaign because she sees such a benefit to children being off devices and in the great outdoors. Cassie says: “As a family we are all device fiends, but we also make time to go wild swimming, walking and family holidays where devices are kept to a minimum. It’s hard as you have to try and be a role model for the kids but also you manage your life on a device and its being aware of the positive effects of stepping away from screens and promoting that to the children even though we are all interested in phones and tablets.”

Community Ambassador
Instagram: @thelittlelifeoft
Tori is a first-time Mum to the lovely Alexander. As Alexander grew older, Tori noticed that her use of her phone was hindering her ability to be present and in the moment with her family. After taking part in the no phones at home day last year Tori realised how important it is to go ‘off phone’ and spend quality time together. Tori says: “I’ll admit I’m not perfect at this as you’ll see from my photo with my phone in hand! However I fully support the cause of NPAH and look forward to being a part of the team and creating better habits for her own family time.”

Become a No Phones at Home Day  Ambassador

Are you conscious of the need to reduce time spent on smart devices?

We’re looking for people to join our community who are passionate about raising awareness around the impact of social devices on our mental and psychological wellbeing. Perhaps you have a family, work in education, the community, with young people or an organisation looking to make a positive difference in society?

If you’d like to know more about our ambassador programme, please do get in touch.

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