How to say no to your child having access to social media

How to say no to your child having access to social media 86% of children aged 11-12 in the UK have a social media account, despite this being below the age restrictions on social platforms. Being the parent who says no to your child having access to a social media account or app when all […]

Digital Detox Self-Help Guide

If you’re looking to reduce your screen time and use of digital devices, try these ten device related self-care activities if you are suffering with anxiety, burnout, fatigue, neck pain, back ache, low mood, low self-esteem, or stress.

The Impact of Social Media on Adolescents Nurturing a Digital Generation

The Impact of Social Media on Adolescents Nurturing a Digital Generation In today’s interconnected world, social media has become an integral part of our lives, shaping the way we communicate, gather information, and interact with others. While it brings numerous benefits, it is important to examine its impact on childhood development. The American Psychological Association […]

Phones and Children

Phones and Children Mobile phones and devices are embedded into the daily lives of us all, including children because of the ease of use, portability, breadth of content and integration into a multitude of daily functions. The research regarding the adverse impact of devices on the mental health of children is increasing but still developing […]

Phones and the Toddler

Phones and the Toddler As technology continues to advance and becomes interlinked with our everyday functions, the presence of tablet and phone devices in the home increases. Children are now accessing devices at younger ages with 90% of young children having access to a tablet or phone device (Rideout, 2017). Research has found that the […]

Phones and the Pregnant Mother

Phones and the Pregnant Mother We may believe that phones can only have an impact on attachment and mental health when the baby is born, however research has found that mobile phone usage can have an impact on attachment of the pregnant mother to their baby. A study by Hood et al, (2022) examined the […]

Devices, Babies & Attachment

Devices, Babies & Attachment Healthy attachment is essential for healthy psychological development and for mental health throughout the lifetime. Without healthy attachment from birth, a child can go on to develop unhelpful and unhealthy personality traits which may cause them difficulties later in life, potentially leading them on the path to develop mental health problems […]

Children and Online Challenges

Children and Online Challenges Written by Charlotte Armitage I was recently asked to contribute to an article in Metro Magazine about online dangers. Here is my contribution to the piece. Why are online challenges so appealing to children and why are they so dangerous? There are many reasons why children gravitate towards the online world. […]