How to Make Sunflowers from Skeleton Leaves

January often seems a bit gloomy – we still have short days and the lights of Christmas have all been taken down. This really easy art project will give you a lovely bright sunflower display to bridge that gap between Christmas and Easter.

30 Ideas how to Spend your Phone Free Time & Free Planner

To help prepare for No Phones at Home Day 2024, we have put together 30 phone-free ideas!

Get crafty outdoors

Sarah Whiting, founder of Craft Invaders believes screen free time enjoying the outdoors is something we all would benefit from and shares some of her tips and easy craft ideas and activities to get the whole family involved.

National No Phones At Home Day is the perfect opportunity for everyone (parents included!) to switch off their devices and enjoy activities together.

Spending time outdoors is essential for everyone’s physical and mental health and crucial for children. However you decide to spend your tech-free day, make sure you spend some of it outside. Take a walk, climb a tree or play a game of pooh sticks.

If you have ever watched your kids at play and wondered if there is any reason for all their running, spinning and climbing, then the quick answer is yes, there is – research now shows that all that rushing about, and spinning in particular, is crucial for their brain development. And there’s no better place to charge around and let off steam than outdoors.

Children love spending time in wild settings. It encourages exploration and imaginative play, and nature provides everything to keep them entertained. Playing in a natural environment allows kids to discover and learn, test themselves and take risks, which are crucial for their
development and well-being.

Tips for creative outdoor play On Craft Invaders we have lots of tips on making the most of your time outdoors and ideas on how to get creative with outdoor play. It doesn’t need to cost lots of money – in fact many of the activities use items destined for the bin or things you’ll easily find outside. For inspiration and ideas check out these free resources:

10 Activities to get the kids outside

12 Nature based craft activities

10 recycled crafts for kids

Get creative without scrolling on your phone

Sami Lovettt, is founder and product designer at Just Lovett Design. Sami is passionate about teaching people how creative they can be. Here's 10 ideas on how to get creative when you've put down the phone.

Colouring is a great way to relax and have fun, whatever your age.

Thanks to illustrator, Jessica Hartshorn for this design she created that you can download for free and enjoy some no-phone free time.